Eternity ( part 9 )
Eternity ( part 9 )  lisa stories

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hope u'll like it , I'll finish this fanfiction by the 10th part so we're close to the end dear reader , thank you <3<3<3

Eternity ( part 9 )

Jisoo crossed her arm and pointed her elbow toward Lisa , she said " gimme you're arm hottie !" , they walked on the carpet and all eyes were on them , they were taken by the attractiveness of the hottest girl in the party , Lisa ......

they stood up by the booked table , white and red sheets , twirled and hooked like curtains , Lisa's eyes couldn't lay on one spot , she felt dizzy since there was a lot of people therefore she decided to stare at Jisoo instead....

she somehow spaced out because of Jisoo's beauty , she was like Elsa from frozen , a powerful queen that exists only in fairy tales , her eyeliner was so thick that It made her look like Cleopatra and her black long hair made her unreal , her exact shape of body and then suddenly ....

Jisoo went somewhere and left Lisa alone without even informing her , she hoped that she would shrink to a black point or to be swallowed by the ground underneath her feet , she felt like a total stranger that didn't belong here without Jisoo .....

she counted seconds , minutes and yet Jisoo didn't show up , she was worried more than nervous , she was a doll in the corner abandoned by a little girl but then she heard a rushed steps behind her and before she turned around , she felt two arms rapped around her waist , they were Jisoo's....

she felt relieved , she wished that the hug would last forever , Jisoo whispered " don't worry hottie , I'll always be here " Lisa was more than pleased because of those words but eventually that moment has come to an end and she had to go home were ....

her girlfriend has been waiting for her , but all the way she couldn't stop thinking about Jisoo and not smile , Jisoo's expression when she dropped her and said goodbye hottie , the dress and the party , It was a dream that came true , she was a Cindrella but with two princesses that have loved her.

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