Persephone poetry stories

magsmellonI write things sometimes
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Do not pity her.


Do not pity her.

She was stolen away to live amongst the flames,

but she devoured that fruit until the juices dribbled down her chin.

For, she still has a heartbeat, yet walks amongst the dead.

Do not pity her.

Her crown may be made of flowers, but when those petals wilt away,

they reveal the rotting bones that lay beneath.

Her lips have tasted death, but her flesh is made of sunshine.

Do not pity her.

She dances in the warmth of the sun by Spring,

but it is the shadows of Winter that whisper her name.

She has death wrapped around her fingers and Spring at her beck and call.

Do not pity her.

For she bloomed despite the darkness

with thorns on her stem and poison on her petals.

She is not a victim, she is a queen.

Do not pity her.

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