The Grand Conspiracy
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A dream that got me thinking!!

The Grand Conspiracy

Last night I was sleeping. Well, I was sleeping like a baby until I woke up in the middle of a dream.

A dream, I remember so vividly even after waking up.

Everything that happened in the dream, every character I created was so detailed and clear.

Though the dream was amazing, it got me seriously thinking!!

Most of the us believe in God.

We believe that God is our creator. He has a plan for us, he has set a path for us and we are sent for a purpose.

Like God, is how I felt when I think about that dream.

I have created the characters in my dream, I've set them on a path for a purpose so according to the people in my dream, I am the God!!!

Now, does it mean whom we all refer to as God might just be another guy sleeping????

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