My Ginger by: Magnolia the Hedgedemon
My Ginger by: Magnolia the Hedgedemon  romantic stories

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The sequel version of the poem Oliver wrote to Magnolia except, it's in her perspective this time.

My Ginger by: Magnolia the Hedgedemon

Dear Oliver,

You're my precious Ginger

Sunshine blooms brightly whenever you're around

Sometimes things might seem stressful at times but I'll always be there for you

My Ginger if you're starting to feel upset I'll comfort and protect you from harm

Cause you're not an annoyance to me, Ginger

And your kindness along with gentleness towards me is greatly appreciated

Since I love being with you and cuddling your soft fur

While seeing those beautiful blue eyes with cute freckles on your face

Then telling you how much of a sweetheart you are

Because you're a sweetheart my Ginger

I feel joyful and very prideful that you wanted to date me

Cause whenever I'm with you, I feel safe and loved with respect

Even though my stubbornness can be a pain in the neck sometimes

I appreciate you accepting me for my flaws with fondness and affection

So don't let negative thoughts and feelings get to you

Since you're special and very important to me

Cause I care about you, my Ginger

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