The Common People.
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The Common People : part : 5

The Common People.

Hailey, opened her eyes. The first thing she felt was pain her leg.

Somehow, the bushes on the sidewalk had protected her fall. She was still alive, and breathing.

Hailey, knew the man, could come down any moment now, so she hurriedly got up. Her leg throbbed, but she needed to stay alive. She needed to find that person.

Tesa, looked down at the invitations and sighed.

It was her birthday, and many people had wished her. Many people who cared for her.

Yet, she was stuck with the memories of a person, who wasn't ever going to come back.

The fire, Tesa remembered, it was her birthday, itself. How, could she possibly share her birth day, with that specific person, she wondered, sadly.

Emmy remembered the way her heart was racing, when she first met Justus.

It was racing the same way now, However, it was not because of Justus, it was because of the gun.

She could see the girls finger on the trigger. Any moment she would die. The last thing on her mind was still Justus.

Then she heard the shot. Wait, it was not a shot. It was the fire alarm.......

Alana rushed downstairs, panicked. The security, was not there. Everyone was probably on a lunch break.

Gosh, she needed to do something! Then she noticed it.

The fire alarm, in the corner. That was it, maybe, that would draw attention.......

The moment Cat heard the fire alarm, she got alert.

Something wasn't right. She picked up the letter, and rushed towards where Beatrice was.

Cat knew, that only she could save her now. Little did she know, that she had gotten herself in a really bad mess.

Temi, was in the hospital.

She come to see, Dr. Ayesha. That fiery lady, had really surprised her, and so had her accident.

She could not see, Sarah anywhere, so she decided it was best to wait, outside her room.

Falon looked at the psychologist, leaving her office and sighed.

The man, was going to lose his sanity, sooner or later, she was sure of that.

She grabbed her phone, and called Julia. Why had she even accepted Dr. Corax's request? Was a question she had no answer to.

She was surely going to have to cancel her meeting, now, though.

Veronica, sat wondering, what Hanna was up to, nowadays. She was always running around, asking about that suicide case.

Well, true, it was interesting, but, still, it was creepy.

She sighed, she couldn't take it anymore, she placed her laptop in front of her, and started her research.

He got down the stairs and looked around. That brat had escaped, or maybe she died from the fall, he thought laughing.

He had work to do today. Somehow, that guy had done exactly what he had wanted him to do. He had saved the dying girl.

Everything was going accordingly.

Everything was going accordingly. Now, he just had to go to the hospital.....

Amon was walking out of the lawyers office, when his phone got another message.

Lord, he hated those messages.

He was going to get a new number now. Yes, he really was.

Just as he was walking lost in his thoughts, he collided with someone, on their way inside the office.

It was a girl, with a camera around her neck.

Had he known better he would have never apologized to her, and helped her.

We need to ask, that Mr. Corax, okay? Chinmay told Tashi decidedly.

Well, true. Tashi said.

The message was clearly pointing at a person, Amon knew, but they just couldn't point out who.

To be continued.... Do you know Who the person In the message is? Let me know, if you Guess!! À bientôt.

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