The Common People. CHAPTER : 2

             The Common People.

                    CHAPTER : 2

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The common people : chapter : 2

The Common People. CHAPTER : 2

Emily, looked up at the office, and sighed. If it had not been for Cat, she would have never even dreamed of taking, requests from other people. Her almond shaped eyes, and suntanned skin, always blended her easily in the crowd.

She did not even have to do much this time. Just, that maybe, someone had seen her and that was going to be a huge problem. She was obviously not going to tell Cat about this though.

Grace, sat in her office lost in thought.

Catriona, entered the office, and looked at her boss. She looked, enchanting as ever. However that was, not the problem now. The problem, was that a deal had gone wrong.

For, the first time, in her career, Grace had faced disappointment. Only, if she had done her work properly, Grace thought.

'Please go and hand, paycheck to your friend.' Grace, told Catriona. Grace was not just an entrepreneur, she was the master behind all of the kidnappings in the city.

Usually, the work was done by, her right-hand woman, Catriona. However, then Cat had shown up with an acquaintance, called Beatrice.

And, Beatrice had not, done a good job. Rather, she had done an excellent job. She had done more than she was asked to do.

'Justus! I'm being serious!' Emmy cried, at the him.

'If you do not, do the next, concert together with me, I am not doing it!' Emmy said, irritated. Justus, just did not have time for her. Maybe, he had actually stopped liking her, Emmy thought.

'Dear, Emmy, I will try, okay?' He said, in his sweet voice, and Emmy got lost in it. His, dark messy hair, italian complexion, she loved all of it. She wondered, when they would actually, settle down comfortably.

'Hanna! Take a picture, right here!' Veronica, cried, out to her friend, as she posed outside the lawyers office.

You, sure are excited for a girl, who just divorced a guy! Hanna exclaimed, as she put her camera down.

Veronica, was indeed happy, she had just divorced, a guy, whom her parents had forced her to marry. Veronica loved herself, and she was not going let an alcoholic, abusive man, be her husband.

'Hey! Wasn't this where, the pretty girl, Kaira died?' Hanna asked Falon, who had come outside her office, to see what they were doing. 'Yeah, how do you live, in such an area, Falon?', Veronica asked.

Well, I am a lawyer, also, it's not like, she jumped from the roof of my office. Falon said, giving them her half coy, half knowing smile, as her black hair flowed, in the small gust of wind, spreading the smell of her channel perfume.

She smelt of cookies and talcum powder. He thought, as he looked, one last time, at his masterpiece.

She was 27. Just like the last one. Somehow, the sound, of slashing the knife, and pouring out of blood, always calmed him down.

The rusty smell of gore, was like Ecstasy for him. Ecstacy, free of cost! He knew, soon the guy who, took his walk here, would reach, there, and so would the redhead.

He peered down, and then pushed her off, from the building. A well planned and executed routine. His work was done here, now he just had to wait for the guy, and the redhead.

Ethan walked silently, down the street. The cool, night air, was refreshing. He suddenly, remembered that, Link Street, was the one where a girl, had recently died.

Nothing, had changed, on Link Street, irrespective of her death. Sometimes, he wondered, if people were actually that heartless, to continue living their lives, so smoothly.

When suddenly, he noticed something falling down, from the building, and a huge thud, followed by, the sound of bones cracking. He rushed, towards the spot, purely on instinct.

Tashi, walked towards her home. She hated, working late. Especially, cause, people always stared at her, due to her red hair. She really, wanted to breathe freedom, for once in her life. She preferred being a kid, than an adult.

Just as she was crossing, the road, she saw something falling down. Oh, Gosh! That was a person! Tashi's mind screamed, and rushed towards the spot, as more people gathered.

Julia, was getting late. She needed to reach home on time, yet there was a crowd on the Link Street.

She got, out of the car, to see what was happening. And gosh, it was a horrible sight. Someone had jumped. It was a girl, in a white coat. Maybe a doctor. She also had, several cuts on her wrists. Julia, assumed, it was a suicide.

Suddenly, she noticed someone, walking away from the crowd. It was strange, since, all the others were rushing towards it. Something, caught her interest as she looked at him, walking away. It was his back, was it spelled R and a J, on his back? She was now, really very curious.

Amon, sat in his office, as the police, inquired him, about Kaira. He was about, to head out, of his hospital, when they had shown up, suddenly. He had, avoided them, all the way, yesterday. For, Kaira, was not someone who would kill herself.

However, he also knew, that he would be their number one suspect, if he said the otherwise. So, he preferred staying silent. Suddenly, the police, inspector got a call, that changed his expression very badly. His face lost color.

He ended the call, and looked at Amon. Amon, was stunned at his words. Dr. Ayesha had committed suicide..........

Well, to be continued......., Tell me if you all like it!!

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