Coming Down - Part ONE
Coming Down - Part ONE long-lost stories

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Once in awhile we all come down from our highest point. Nothing good ever last, we should all know that by now. Pippa McColler, thought that life could stay good forever. She had everything: perfect boyfriend, amazing group of friends, great grades, she was the queen bee. So if everyone loved here, who sent that one text?

Coming Down - Part ONE

One ping and everything changed. Phone's started going off like crazy. As people pulled there phone's out I panicked. They were all staring at me. I didn't understand what was going on.

Why were they staring at me? Then the moment came. My phone let of the last ping, before the corridor went silent. I pulled my phone out and saw the message. "One new text.

" I swiped left and put in my pin, slowly and carefully, nervous of what was behind that last number. I pressed down on the 9, and the pin screen opened up to my messages.

There in a gray bubble was the downfall of my reputation. The whispered flared up all around me as I continued to look down at my screen and try to understand what was going on.

No body had this picture. No body except for... "Mike". I turned on my heel and strutted down the hall. Everyone continued to stare and whisper as I made my way out onto the football field.

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes, but kept my head up high in the air, as to show that the message hadn't affected me at all.

I had gathered by now that everyone in the school had gotten the message. As I arrived at the football pitch, I saw the reason I was here.

"Mike, get your big, fat, lying ass over here now!" I screamed as I got to the edge of the pitch.

"What's up babe?" He said as he tried to sweep me into a hug. I felt disgusted just standing near him.

"Get your disgusting hands of me! How dare you send that picture to the entire school! Do you know what this could do to my reputation? To yours!" I yelled, shoving him as hard as I could.

"What picture?" He asked. The tone of his voice, and the look on his face sent thoughts through my head.

If it wasn't him, who else could it have been? He reached down to grab his phone from his sports bag, and clicked the home button.

His face turned bright red, and turned his head up to look at me.

"Pippa, I promise that wasn't me. Listen," He said tilting my chin up to his with his fingers.

"I would never, ever do that to you, okay? I promise I'm going to find the jerk that did this to you okay?"

"Okay." He pulled me into a hug, and for a minute I felt that everything was going to be okay. I knew that in reality it wasn't but a girl could pretend.

"I have an idea." He mumbled into my hair. He took my hand and lead me away from the pitch. I followed him back into the main building and up the flight of stairs to the second floor.

I didn't understand where we were going at first, but he then lead me into the I.T Lab.

I had no clue why we were here, considering the fact that Mike thought this room was only for geeks and nerds, I followed him into the second row of computers,

and saw a figure crouched over a laptop. He had messy brown hair and big, wide rimmed glasses.

"Mike, what are we doing here?" I whispered as he stood right next to the guy.

"Sssshhh." He replied as he waited for the guy to look up at him. The guy didn't look at him, so Mike coughed, loudly. The guys head snapped up and he shut his laptop lid, fast.

"What...what do you want?" He said looking between Mike and myself.

"$200 to track down a text." Mike said pulling a wad of cash out of his pocket.

"Mike..." I mumbled, staring at the amount of money is amazement. Where had it all come from. The guy stared at the money, then quickly shoved it into his own pockets.

"Give me the phone." He said. I slipped the phone out of my pocket and reluctantly handed it to him. He took the phone and plugged it into his laptop, which he had opened up.

"Come back in an hour." He mumbled without looking up from his screen.

"Don't you need my pin?" I asked stepping forward to put it in.

"No need," He replied. "I have an app for that. See you in an hour."

Mike grabbed my hand again and lead me out of the lab.

"Are you sure this guy is safe? Isn't this stuff illegal?" I whispered to Mike as he lead me back down the stairs.

People were still staring at me, clearly still in shock that I had down something like that.

"I'm sure, listen I think you should go home Pip."

"But my..."

"I'll grab it in an hour and swing round okay? Go to the office and say you have a headache alright?"

"Okay." Mike let go of my head and turned me around in the direction of the office.

I stood there for a moment, then turned around to argue with him, only to find he was already half way down the hall. I hurried towards the office, and slammed the door behind me.

The office ladies looked up at me, then returned to their work. That could only mean one thing. They hadn't got the text.

"Thank good." I mumbled under my breath as I headed over to the desk.

"Hello." I said to the lady, trying my hardest to look like I had a headache.

"What do you want?" The lady asked, barley glancing up from her computer.

"Ummm... I have a headache, can I call my Mum to pick me up?" I asked holding a hand to my head.

"Sure, phone's over there." She lifted her hand to point in the direction of the phone.

"Oh ummm... thanks." I mumbled, remembering that I was supposed to have a headache. I walked over to the phone and picked it up in my shaking hand.

I wasn't sure why I was shaking, and it was kind of annoying me. I started to dial my Mum's number, but stopped half way. She would never pick me up, just cause of a headache.

Taking a risk I dialed my Dad's number. At the time I didn't know what I was doing, all I knew was that I was. I hadn't seen my Dad in two years. I didn't even know why he had left.

All I knew was that I came home from school one day, to find all his stuff gone. Mum was crying in the kitchen with a glass of red wine in her hand.

"Where's Dad?" I remembered asking.

"His gone on a holiday, darling" It was that sentence that made my mind click into place. My Dad had left us. It was a risk calling him now, and an even stupider reason for calling him.

I mean a headache, come on. A million thoughts rushed through my head.

What if he had changed his number? What if he refused to speak to me? What if he had moved on?

It was until the phone made a beeping noise in my ear did I realise that I had been calling him without realizing.

Just as I was about to slam the phone back down onto the hook, a deep, stern, familiar voice came across the line.

"Hello? Lewis speaking." I panicked. I just stood there frozen with my mouth wide open.

"Hello? Is someone there?"

"Dad? It's... it's Pippa..." I whispered still in shock.

"Pippa? It's... it's so nice to hear from you. What's it been?"

"Two years. Two years Dad," The line went silent. "Umm.... this might be weird to ask, but can you pick me up from school? I have a splitting headache." The lie slipped right through my teeth.

I don't know why it felt so easy lying to him, it was defiantly easier then Mum.

"Sure! Of... of course! Same school still?"

"Yeah, see you out front." I hang up the front before he could reply. I didn't know what to do.

Maybe I could just go to class, and pretend I never called him, but then I'd have to face all my classmates who most likely got the text. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and stood up straight.

I marched out of the office and collected my bag from my locker. Heading towards the front of the school, I saw his old car. Some things never change I guess...

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