Mount Mammoth:A Goddess of Love and her angel assistant.
Mount Mammoth:A Goddess of Love and her angel assistant. romance stories

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Just a little something i wrote to give a peek into the universe i'm creating. Comments and feedback is always appreciated.

Mount Mammoth:A Goddess of Love and her angel assistant.

Devilla sat back in her lounge chair as her male servants tended to her every whim, rather it be entertainment or something a little more sensual.

Her long luxurious curly black hair felled across her back. Her smooth brown skin smelled of coconuts and strawberries.

Her eyes a deep pink, She made head turn whenever she walked into the room.She was the goddess of all things related to love which includes affection , sex, and relationships.

a knock was heard at the large ivory carved door. She motions her servants away and got up and walked over there. She know that it would most likely her assistant.

Devilla opens the door to find her assistant Hera standing there. Her assistance was a angel. Or had just recently become an angel meant to help and provide assistance.

She was wearing a simple white button shirt, her blonde hair tied into a braid that went across her shoulder. It was her emerald green eyes that stood out the most though.

She was a bit short, maybe around 5'7. Hera's face turned red and covered her eyes with her hands. Devilla didn't have any clothes on.

She warmly smiles at her helper embarrassment and embraced her in a long hug. She never did get why Hera was so flustered about something so natural as nakedness.

" Devilla, please put something on!" Hera said getting even more distressed and red. " So, how my favorite assistant doing!" Devilla asked teasingly.

" I'm doing fine, really i am, just let me go." Hera pleaded, her crimson face buried in Devilla's ample chest. Hera felt herself getting light-headed.

Devilla simply let the flustered assistant go. Hera turned around facing the wall, face burning. The male assistants trying to hold in their laughter.

Devilla wrapped her arms around Hera's waist earning a yelp from her as she kissed the back of Hera's neck. Hera tried to squirm out of the goddess hold.

She softly kiss her neck a couple more times.

"Miss Devilla, can you stop?" Hera asked gently , as she was internally panicking.

"Oh? And why would i do that? Don't you like my showers of affection?" Devilla purred into Hera's ear making her shiver.

"I....i....." Hera was at a complete loss for words, it was hard to think straight when a goddess was kissing you, a goddess of love at that.

Now Devilla had a special power where she can calm the emotions of anyone in the same room as her. But she chose not to do this to her assistant, she find her reactions too damn good.

After a few more seconds she finally let go of the blushing assistant.

" S-so you wa-wanted to see me, r-right?" Hera stated as she adjusted her shirt, face still burning and putting some distance from Devilla.

Devilla sat back down in the chair and motioned all the servants to leave the palace.

" Yes, my cute angel, we have a assignment to do." Devilla said, her red buttoned shirt and red short skirt appearing on her, along with a white coat.

Her attire for when she want to help others find love, or help couples fix their love life.

"Oh? What do we have to do?"

Devilla flashed Hera a brilliant smile showing off her perfect teeth.

" It seems that we have a communication problem between a long time couple that live in the mountains past the city of Roree." Devilla said simply, but Hera know that there was much more to that.

"In the mountains? That a odd location to place your home but okay. Who are these people who need our help?" Hera asked the goddess.

Devilla simply smiles and motioned Hera to follow her out the door.

"Oh A troll and a Harpee who having a spat, nothing too major for a angel of your talents and a goddess of love." Devilla said confidently as she stepped out the door .

Hera blankly nodded and follow along. " least it not a succubus and a demon." She thought shuddering.

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