Earth-16: Übermensch
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Karl Van Luden, in his mind, is just doing what is right. To everyone else, he the famous superhero known as Ubermensch. A name he didn't chose and quite frankly, kinda uncomfortable with. Follow him and the new superhero Ricochet as they deal with a mysterious new drug surfacing along with new villians left and right.

Earth-16: Übermensch

Karl Van Luden was his real name. Although mostly everyone in Germany known him as the Übermensch.

He was a hero to most of Germany, whenever he would go to the store, parents would point out to their children and said “Look, it the Übermensch, the famous hero of Germany!

” The children would look with their jaws agape in admiration of this supposed god in their midst. The supposed Superman who can do anything.

Some claim that he is nothing but a reminder of a past that should not be repeated. There was a lot of speculations surrounding the origin of this superhero.

Some good, some bad, if there is one thing that can be agreed upon, his origins are a complete mystery.

He showed up around a year ago, when he stopped an bus being driven by a lunatic from running into a parade being thrown at that time. That was when he was first introduced to the world.

People called these times the Renaissance of heroes, it seemed that no matter where you look there was a new hero, and also a new threat as well.

"Übermensch is the greatest superhero in the world!"

"Isn't it suspicious that he have blonde hair and blue eyes? Kinda sound like a certain someone's ideal human."

"I once saw him shop at the same grocery store as me, who knew that he was just like everybody else?"

"I personally don't like this guy, but i do like that new heroine that showed up not too long ago."

Karl himself disagree with all these bold claims, good and bad. He was just a regular human just like anybody else. What he did was nothing special, just doing his duty.

But even if he saw himself as a average citizen, You wouldn't be able to tell on first glance, Karl had the build of a Greek god.

Brilliant blonde hair that shone in the sun and radiant blue eyes that pierce right through your heart. He was wearing a red t-shirt and black jacket. Along with some simple black colored jeans.

The sky was a calm misty grey, it was cool but the wind was still. The weather report said there was a good chance of rain today.

As he walked down to the store known as One and Only to get some groceries. He was greeted by people left and right. A woman in a brown trench coat wearing a hat walked up to him.

He was curious, but he didn't regard the woman as a threat, or at the very least, a threat that he couldn't handle.

"Good afternoon, Übermensch! I hope you're having a great day!"

"The same to you." He responded happily.

The mysterious woman smiled and was about to walk off until a speeding white SUV fled right past them followed by two police squad cars.

Karl was about to chase after the fleeing criminals until he saw the woman remove her trench-coat. She was wearing red boots along with white tights.

Her arms was uncovered except for the red gloves. In the middle of her chest a ball with crimson lines shooting out all about her outfit, the lines almost seem like they were glowing.

Red goggles wrapped around her face, medium-length auburn hair just above her shoulders.

"Look like this is a job for Ricochet!" She said making everyone walking on the same sidewalk to turn toward the two heroes.

Karl has heard of her, She was a hero that popped up around two months ago. She turned to Karl and gave him a wink.

" Lets take these guys down together, alright?" She said. Karl nodded as they begin chase after the SUV.

Karl's was able to keep up with the white SUV due to his stamina, he never properly tested how fast he could run, although if he had to guess, he is as fast as a gold medalist track runner.

"What do you think it is? I'm betting drug-dealers." Ricochet said, her eyes had a red glow to them. before he can answer, she was gone in a blink, leaving a trail of red sparks behind her.

She rammed into the white suv while in a cannonball position, the SUV spun out for a little bit, but the driver managed to bring it back on course,

this allowed Karl to keep pace with the white SUV, he was next to it the whole time. Ricochet bounced back next to Karl.

"Hope they don't also have super-powers, then that would make things a little more tricky." Ricochet said.

"If they did, they would be using them right about now." Karl said.

A masked gunman poked his upper body out of the passenger side with a Uzi aiming at the police.

Karl in swift motion, jumped onto the SUV, digging his fingers into the roof for support, his fingers poking through the metal and into the felt.

Karl grabbed the Uzi from the gunman and threw it away. Karl ripped the passenger door from it hinges. The driver pulled out his gun, a simple colt. and pointed it at the blonde-haired hero.

Karl raised his eyebrow.

"Not a good idea." Karl said calmly, staring at the driver, while the gunman in the passenger seat was pissing his pants.

"Oh no you don't!" Ricochet said as she powered up and pin-balled into the SUV once again this time into the driver side. The driver dropped the gun into between the pedal and the brakes.

The driver began to swerve wildly in order to get the two heroes off his back.

"Sir, stop the car now." Karl's voice was even, but there was no denying that undercurrent of venom beneath the calm facade.

Ricochet channeling her power through her fist broke through the window.

The window shattered, showering the driver with glass, She jumped through the window and landed on top of driver and use her foot to hit the parking brake.

The SUV jutted forward, in the middle of the street. The Police squad car stopping closely behind them. Karl got off the car.

The passenger, in a fit of desperation tries to throw a punch at the face of the German superhero.

Bad move.

Karl grabbed the criminal's hand easily, and knocks out the criminal with a left hook.

The driver managed to get out from under the super-heroine and bust out of his SUV but was then knocked to the ground by Ricochet with a charged tackle.

"Well look like you're done for, please don't try to move as it would just lead to more pain for you." She said as stood up.

"You should take good advice when it offered, you clearly need it." Said Karl handing the passenger to the police officers.

She notice something off about the driver's eyes, there was a blueish tint in them, around the pupil.

"Um, Ubermensch, this man have a blue aura around his pupils." Ricochet said worriedly.

Karl walked over to investigate while the police officers started to handcuffed the two criminals, another police officer investigating the white SUV.

The police officer in question found a sliver briefcase that was full of vials that had a neon blue liquid in it. He radio in to report to the chief.

"She right, he does have a blue aura around his pupils, but they seem to be fading." Karl thought as he looked into the fading aura around the criminal's eyes.

The driver seemed to be in some sort of trance. Karl was wave his hands in front of the driver's eyes. The man didn't respond at all. Karl was sure he heard of this brand of drug before.

He looked over to Ricochet. She look visibly shaken, Karl walks over to her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. Ricochet nodded slowly, slowly regaining her smile, it was softer this time.

"I'm fine, thank you Ubermensch." She said.

"Um...can you call me Karl?" He asked of her. He doesn't really like the name given to him by various media outlets, it remind him too much of a old ideology that is better off forgotten.

"Aren't you worry about your...oh right, you don't wear a mask. OK then Karl." She said as she took a look around, something then suddenly came to her mind.

"It look like i was right about the drug dealers, huh?" Ricochet said with a slight laugh.

"Yes, yes you were." Karl said, smiling.

The rain started to drip down slowly upon them as the criminals were loaded into the police van. Karl takes his jacket and put it over Ricochet.

"Thank you." She said, basking in the warmness.

The citizens around them started to applaud the two heroes. Karl realized that they was in a busy section of the city, on this street, stores and restaurants dominated the area.

Ricochet waved and gave them a big smile. Karl gave the crowd a simple smile and put his hands in his pockets. He spotted the store he needed to go to.

"Listen i be right back, alright?" Karl said to Ricochet, who was doing some heroic poses for the cameras.

"I don't think you're going to get the chance." She said, pointing at the various news vans pulling up.

Karl laughs. "I see your point."

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