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maggiemgeiger Community member
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A take on the forms of jealousy and how it can break a soul.

A Concise Chronicle

by maggiemgeiger

Jealousy: an emotion we all feel on different levels.

When it comes to love, tears well up, fists clench, teeth grit.

Anger and sadness and yearning hit you all at once like a car going 70 on the thruway.

It's not petty, mundane jealousy.

It's not wishing you had the same pair of shoes as your sister, or being upset over the number of followers your best friend has on social media compared to you.

It's blowing up over little things because you want to trust your partner but you can't.

It's seeing everyone around you as a threat to your relationship, even when you know they aren't.

It's apology after apology because you can't help but get upset whenever they spend time with anyone that isn't you.

It's the constant battle occurring inside your mind and trying to figure out if you are being rational or not.

It's a self-bred mess of insecurity that leads you to believe that your partner doesn't love you anymore.

It's lying in bed at 2 am sobbing and asking God why you aren't good enough.

And you don't even believe in God.

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