All that ever was
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magdalayney Community member
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All that ever was

Love stretches outward Coating everything it sees Intoxicating deadly, ripping tides in the seas. It tears out all our secrets and insecurities. It digs its fingers in. It will bring you to your knees.

It will rip you open wide and eat all of your decay, it will make you clean again it will let you live another day. Love, it washes in, it climbs up on the shore.

It wraps around you ankles, you needn't stand any more. It will hold you up it will make you breathe. it will take care of you, envelope you with its breeze.

It whisks around you skin, it soaks in all your pores. it knows all you fears it keeps them off the shore. It stretches down the bank, its every thing you see. It reaches into the sky, Its all you'll ever be.

the end..... Thank you....

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