Words from Long Ago
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madpsyche i just want to escape
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for my first love, happy new year!

Words from Long Ago

i was wondering

should i knock or atleast say hello? before you let me in or before i let you go

should i try or save the lines? if it ends with goodbye will i ever be fine?

but later i realized,

time has slipped away

words still stuck on throat, they have no use already for our worlds have long been drifted apart

and all that's left with me are memories, now fading.

although you're aloof, pensive, and you always like someone else, i couldn't care less.

soon we'll be on our twenty but there were times like this, when i let my young heart ruled over me and adore your memory.

you didn't like me but you did like my writing i guess that's enough.

so again, for one last time i will write for you, will write about you, will write you, a poem and wish that this time it reach you

i hope it able to reach you.

now, i don't know where is this going or how to end this poem let's just say it ends.

i'm saying goodbye to my 6-year-long crush.

kidding, there's more.

the next time we meet again, i hope you still look at me the way you used to and let's talk about anything except this.

'cause the more we hold on to past, the more we can't see what is there at the moment.

and i'm running out of words again.

"happy new year!" "happy birthday!" "i hope i made you smile even for once :)"

With love, Jho

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