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Shards of glass upon the floor Thrust your fist against the door


Shards of glass upon the floor

Thrust your fist against the door

Dead bolts and footnotes

Locked doors and floor boards

Stitch your heart back into place

Dry your eyes and save some face

No time to tarry no time to waste

Duct tape and glue

Put all the splinters back in you

Heart break and heart ache

A new day when you wake

Short breaths and soft steps

The end of us is not the end of you

Quivering knees and long sleeves

My nights are long when your not here

The sound of longing lingers longer in the air

Fear of what was once before never being anymore

A crumpled mess upon the floor

I lock the latch that lodge the door

You thrust your hand and ask what for

As my heart cries out for one day more

The love we had you must have lost

Frigid air and permafrost

We we're a pair but at what cost

You love a love that loves like me

How you and I once loved before

Now this hurt between the door

Floor to body

Body to door

Door to

No one

Your not there anymore

The past has past the present by

The heart will mend with passing time

Within it's cage I slowly bind

Of fractal bones and tape and glue

I know your happy

I hope one day

I will be too

I never knew

I never knew The damage love could do.

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