The immobility Of sleep.
The immobility Of sleep. paralysis stories

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In the dark just beyond the bedposts Lay creatures of disfigured features

The immobility Of sleep.

In the dark just beyond the bedposts

Lay creatures of disfigured features

Voices down hallways and faces on shadows

Who knows where they hide

Behind your back and just out of eyesight

But tonight

They creep into your bed

And as you sleep they weep for all the secrets that you keep locked in your head

They work their hands into your hips

Finding better ways to grip and grope

And as you sleep they lash you down with nails and rope

They cast shadows into the air

Their claws press into your mind

Poking and prodding until they find

The malady that you buried inside

They carve your past into your bones

They fill your lungs with burning stones

You wake to sounds like wailing moans

Unable to speak or move

Your bed has now become your tomb

You see the shadows dancing in your room

They laugh and they bite

And they remain through the night

All you can do is struggle and fight

But as the cold night grows colder

The tormenting monsters grow bolder and bolder

Your skin feels paler and frailer

Horror is swirling around in this void

You can't remember your name or they life they destroyed

The pain and the panic

The fire and fear

You scream for help but even you can't hear

The silence is growing so loud that it hurts

Your lost in the ravings abound in your head

All you can hope is that soon you'll be dead

At least

That's how my nights go

When I am paralyzed in my bed.

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