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3-2-2010 Jimin: Hey hyung!

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Jimin: Hey hyung!

Yoongi: Hey ChimChim

Jimin: Are you still at the Genius Lab?

Yoongi: Yeah. I got caught up with my work.

Jimin: :( *pouts*

Yoongi: Sorry Chim *pinches your cheeks*

Jimin: *swats hand away* Yah! *smiles*

Yoongi: LOL. What are you doing? You guys still at the dorm?

Jimin: Yeah, we are still at the dorm.

Everybody else is out in the living room

And I am in my room working on a project...

Yoongi: Oh. What kind of project? For school?

Jimin: No. It’s a personal project.

Yoongi: Fun ;)

Yoongi: Are you wearing my black ‘Agust D’

Hoodie sweatshirt?

Yoongi: ‘Cause I can’t find it…

Jimin: no…..?

Yoongi: haha….It’s okay if you are.It looks

good on you anyways ;)

Jimin: LOL. Sorry hyung...I got cold

And ended up falling asleep it it….I’m

Still wearing it..

Yoongi: You’re okay Jimin.

Yoongi: I gotta go, but I’ll text you later.Kay?

Jimin: yeah...sure… Bye hyung.

Yoongi: Bye ChimChim


Jimin: Hyungggggg….

Yoongi: Yes?

Jimin: why aren’t you home yet??

Yoongi: I’m making a new song Jimin….

Jimin: But you need to come home….

Yoongi: IK. Jin-Hyung said the same thing

When he came to visit an hour ago…

Jimin: …

Yoongi: What’s wrong?

Jimin: you never let anybody into

your lab…

Yoongi: Yes I do. Kookie, Tae and Jin come

to see me all the time…

Jimin: oh…

Jimin: I-I’ll go now..

Yoongi: Jimin.

Yoongi: *sighs* don’t go…

Yoongi: Talk to me...

Jimin: It’s nothing….Just..

Yoongi: Yes?

Yoongi: Just what?

Jimin: nothing….I gtg do my homework

Bye hyung!!

Yoongi: Jimin.

Yoongi: *sighs* Fine. We’ll talk about this


Yoongi: Hyung?

Jin: Yoongi!

Yoongi: Can we talk?

Jin: Is this about Jimin getting in

trouble at school?

Yoongi: He got into trouble?

What happened?

Jin: He snapped at a student, and they

Got into a fight.

Yoongi: Is he home?

Jin: Yes. I grounded him, so he’s

in his room.

Yoongi: Jin…*sighs*

Yoongi: He have his phone?

Jin: No..But I will give it back to him, and tell

him to message you right away…

Yoongi: Okay…

Jimin: Hey hyung…..

Yoongi: How was school?

Jimin: Fine…

Yoongi: Jimin.

Jimin: I-I got into trouble because

I fought a kid...

Yoongi: What’s going on with you Chim?

You never act like this…

Jimin: I-I-I don’t want to talk about it

hyung...I have to go….

Yoongi: If you leave I am coming home,

and you wont like it Park Jimin.



Yoongi: Jimin!

Jimin: WHAT!? IT’S TRUE!

Jimin: I-I always wait up for you...Hoping

That you’d come home, and we could hang

Out together...B-But you never do*cries*

Yoongi: Jimin...I….

Jimin: *sighs, and sniffles* Don’t… Just

Don’t. You’re caught up with work...It’s

What you always say….All of the time…

Yoongi: I’m sorry….

Jimin: Yeah. I know…

Jimin: I got to go. Don’t worry about

Coming home, stay and work…

Yoongi: Don’t be like this Jimin…

Jimin: Fine..Bye hyung...


Yoongi: Can we talk?

Yoongi: Please?

Yoongi: Jimin?

Yoongi: Please don’t ignore me ChimChim..

Jimin: Go away.

Jimin: I don’t want to talk to you.

Jin: Park Jimin.

Jimin: Yes hyung?

Jin: Get to the hospital now!

Jimin: W-Why?

Jin: Yoongi...He’s in the hospital…

Jimin: W-What!? I’m on my way!

Jin: When you get there, tell him that me

And the others will be there shortly. Okay?

Jimin: Yes hyung. Bye hyung.


Jimin: *rushes into the room that

Yoongi is in, worry painted on his

face* Yoongi!

Yoongi: Hey ChimChim *hugs Jimin tightly

As he wiped the younger boys’ tears*

Jimin: W-What happened?

*crawls onto the bed and lays down

Next to Yoongi, putting his head on

Yoongi’s chest*

Yoongi: I passed out, when J-Hope came

to see me….I haven’t been eating much, since I have been so caught up with making a new song…

Jimin: Hyung!*cries out*

Yoongi: *wipes away Jimin’s tears

silently, happy that the younger boy is talking to him again*

Jimin: *sniffles softly and sits up,

Looking down at Yoongi*It was

About you…

Yoongi: What?

Jimin: The fight..It was about you.

Jimin: He..He s-stuff about y-you…

Like s-saying you s-should go d-die…


Yoongi: *sits up slowly, and pulls Jimin into

him* Hey...Please don’t cry. Let them say what they want. I’m never going to leave.

Jimin: *nods still crying*

Yoongi: Jiminie…*tilts his chin upwards,

with two of his fingers*

Yoongi: I swear. I’m never going to

Leave you.

Jimin: Promise?

Yoongi: Yes. I love you too much.

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