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An unavoidable , beautiful state of daily life

By: Madhvi


by Madhvi

Sleep is a mute , half opened lips and a temporary relaxed phase ..Its calm as night and moon stay within self ..Nothing to be gained , nothing to be loose ..A happy state of mind..

Self remains within self ..There is no ego , no world ,no desire,no tomorrow, no pain , no worries..Falling asleep is the only solution when there is no solutions..

A sleeping eye is unaware of everything from outer world ..It can see miracles happening.. It can travel you beyond your imagination.. It can gives you hope of better tomorrow..

A sleeping lips are partially opened .. It doesn’t need any food , no hunger and no makeup..

A sleeping smile is perhaps the best one .. Anyone can fall in love with this smile pure , so natural , so touching.. The reason behind this smile is unknown, unspoken..

It stays within sleeper’ s lips and heart ..It spread s for tiny Sec and fades away ..

Sleep is like a beautiful princess.. It wears a short attractive gown of relaxation..It glitters with advanced hours ..Takes away all your worries ..

makes you and your skin more prettier, more fresh ..Boosts your mind , enhance your energy ..Makes you healthy, wealthy and wise ..

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