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madelynn_hudlerSearching for my big, gigantic drum kit.
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About a captivating boy I met in the spring of 2015.


by madelynn_hudler

You are vodka, atheism, and leather jackets. I am sobriety, Christianity, and the desire for leather jackets. You are Xanax. I am aspirin. You are coffee. I am tea.

You are guitar. I am vocals. You are technical theatre. I am ensemble. You are extroversion. I am...not so much.

But we're both curly hair. We're both colored eyes. We're both daddy issues. We're both what they call "biologically female." We're both rock n roll and late night talks.

We're both cuddling and nature walks. We're both flower crowns and hugging trees. Stargazing and bumblebees. And we're both ripping at the seams.

But you will use alcohol to soak your teeth. Ritalin, cigarettes, and pot to bury your grief. And I'll look to God for my relief.

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