School Girl Chronicles: Chapter 2
School Girl Chronicles: Chapter 2 crush stories

madelynn_hudlerSearching for my big, gigantic drum kit.
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The second piece in a series of poems about a crush I had on my math teacher.

School Girl Chronicles: Chapter 2

by madelynn_hudler

He reminds me of summer And cookouts And big porches with bench swings And long walks... And the beach

He reminds me of camping And hammocks And stars

And now, I can't see tap water, Percentages, Or card tricks the same way

I can't eat boneless chicken wings without laughing And I have to pay extra close attention to be sure my sleeves are above my elbows

And I can't not stare at his fingers And pale freckles

So, I make every excuse to talk about you And I look at the mountains and imagine you'd love them Like I love that smile of yours

Because it's just as beautiful and boastful As the birds you must listen to while hiking

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