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madelynn_hudlerSearching for my big, gigantic drum kit.
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Lines are underrated and underappreciated.


by madelynn_hudler

I've been encouraged to read between them Told to color inside them You can get in somewhere Or perhaps check out

Lines There's a sky type A night type We even depend on imaginary ones

Borders The equator Longitude Latitude

Angles of books and furniture Lines make up the hands on the passing time Lines blurred and faded from distorted memories Lines like the drinks they set up on the bar

Sharp lines on a razor That will help in the creation of those powdery white lines I write down lines of what I wish I would say The lines form an X to mark the end of each day

Full of regret Losing people I've only just met And the lines stick in my head And I return to the straight edge Sharp lines on a razor

But this pain is much greater Than the lines on my wrists These red lines drip And I wonder what I did to deserve it

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