Summer Heat Saved Me.
Summer Heat Saved Me.  poetry stories

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Summer Heat Saved Me.

by madelynn_hudler

Bright stars in the dark sky A bit of light on this dark night That never seems to end Thighs covered in fingerprints

And light kisses on sunburnt lips Summer heat caused us to meet And brought me a bit of relief I wish each day into eternity

And I'm disappointed when the night comes I beg the night to stay And I'm let down by the dawn of each new day Stay a while, darling sun. Stick around, beautiful moon.

Because then maybe you will. And you're the only thing that's let my mind set still for a while And once you leave, so does my inner child That smiles like stars

And giggles at the creatures that pass by in the sky And I thought I would miss you But now I'm thinking I'm really gonna miss me The me I haven't seen in years

The me you had the pleasure to get to know The me I'm afraid of losing again So I wish each moment into eternity Because I don't want to lose my star bright smile

And I want to stay okay At least for a little while

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