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madelynn_hudlerSearching for my big, gigantic drum kit.
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About the melancholy that comes with always feeling out of place.


by madelynn_hudler

Bedroom or cadaver? Skeletons fill my closet And I think I might be dead

No pleasure No pain Everything is the same

Numb But I still bleed and cum Does that make me alive?

Just survive No desire to strive No strength to thrive Running out of lies They see it in my eyes

That I'm dying And I've already stopped trying No point in crying

No place to hide I'll wait for the tide To sweep me away

You've already swept me away... And I have so much to say

And at the same time Nothing Silence and blushing Heart racing Blood rushing

While thinking of you And my lack of strength to get through All on my own I weep and I roam No one to hold No where is home I'm all on my own

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