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madeleineteran Not a poet, just someone trying to vent.
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mentally and emotionally wounded, yet life keeps adding salt to the wound.


Depression is an emotion that creeps up on you, You don’t know when it’s coming but before you realize it, it is already there The pictures in your head that were once colorful and full of life and light now show a distinctive gray with a dark background. It slowly starts to reflect something within you, that you, yourself is unsure of.

Life becomes harder to deal with, You think people can’t understand you Even if you tried to explain, You think they will never relate. Stress eats away your soul By indulging itself on taking away your hopes and your goals.

Life looks a little harder to deal with each and every day, The sun outside no longer seems appetizing enough to get you off bed The things you enjoyed yesterday are irrelevant today.

You stop and you think how did I get here? Why is my life much harder than a year ago? Why haven’t I found my calling in life? Why can’t I find something I love to do? Why do I keep dying inside? Why can’t I be rich and kiss my problems good bye?

I wish I didn’t have to care anymore I wish this stress would go away I wish I could go back to a time in which instead of working and stressing out I could of done what a regular teenager should have done, Enjoy life without a care in this world Be free spirited and live life without any regrets.

Today I feel drained I feel dead I feel stressed.

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