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I didn’t think love was a lie..


I’ve been told love is a lie..

It sure didn’t feel that way.. when my head was on your chest, listening to you breathe and syncing my lungs with yours because it made me feel close.

It didn’t feel like a lie when your hand was in my hair and my arms were wrapped around your waist in the morning as your bitter coffee dripped from your lip to mine.

It felt so real when our bodies were one and my cries were yours and my tears were captured and dried on your lap, because that’s where I layed when you played with my comfort mop,

also known as hair.

It only felt fake when we were with your friends and you said I was just a friend.

It only felt fake when you looked at another girls chest.

It only felt fake when you stopped loving me.

I’ll never know why you pushed the relationship to the stage where I assumed it was fake.

And I’ll never know why you confrimed my assumptions.

Right before I told you I loved you. For the first time.

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