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A to Z anxiety stories

maddienewman putting words together to create poetry
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A to Z

Thank you society...we’re finally talking But let’s not glorify The day some choose an early good-bye Immortalising themselves in the morning headlines

It’s tragic that we make it seem like its still an option When our most basic needs become so disrupted So tell me, society...

Why is it that we always wait? Waiting to celebrate a person too late When the who someone is Becomes a who someone was

Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge this journey is hard...

I know of the struggles of wanting to give up, The desperate cries just begging for a check up When we convince ourselves nobody is thinking of us I know it is easy to consider that shortcut

But there’s more to this story, A lot more than depression Let’s consider the fact it can be used as a weapon Think about it...

Our culture today lives in a clap-back trend We don’t learn to let it go, nor how to defend We have a sick need for the last word, desire for revenge Don’t pretend this attitude hasn’t lead to a someones’ untimely ends

Start teaching these kids our successions come from living Get it through to the youth that aggression will die if you just start forgiving And that better times will soon coming if you just keep breathing...

We say it’s important to get from point a to point b But lets raise a toast to those that make it through to z

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