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maddielion using words as an outlet
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it gets heavy sometimes

Carrying the World

"You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You don't want anyone else to know how heavy it is.

So you carry on in silence. Never asking for help."

I had grown used to how the weight felt

it was heavy at times, but my arms never wavered.

As my junior year in college unraveled, the load slowly started to become substantial

my arms started to quiver. I had trouble holding on.

Then one fall night, she walked into my room. She knew I was struggling to keep the world afloat.

In a sweet voice, she asked "What's wrong?" I quickly replied, "Nothing."

She saw my facade starting to break.

Then, everything started to crumble around me. I nestled myself between my dorm room door and a wooden dresser and began to cry.

I dropped the world on the ground, and watched it shatter.

She sat down next to me, and let me sob into the nape of her neck while she held me tight.

She had other places to be that night, but instead she didn't move a muscle.

Instead, she helped pick me up, and together we glued the world back together.

So when people ask me "why her?" I reply that I've found the one that helps me carry the weight of the world, and never complains.

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