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Why do we get to live, And others get to die,


Why do we get to live,

And others get to die,

Who decides.

Is it God,

Or is it the devil,

Does he kill the good ones to help his army,

Or is God just confused,

Why did I live when I have it all,

I don't deserve this good life,

There are people who deserve what I have,




A house.

But here I am,

Not enjoying any of it,

Because I'm too caught up in my head to let myself go,

Just go.

I say to myself,

Live the life you were given,

Stand up and be proud.

But instead,

I'm ashamed of my life.

It makes me sick to think of all the people out there who have nothing,

People who are happier than me but yet,

Have less than me.

I feel like a brat,

My crash could have been my end,

But it wasn't.

I got a second chance,

I don't know why,

I almost feel bad that I lived and so many other good people have died.

It really isn't fair.

Sometimes I don't understand why I've survived all of these things.

Why did he let me live when so many others have died,

Why am I one of the lucky preemies,

They say more than half of babies born like me have physical disabilities,

Mental problems,

Or sometimes they don't even make it out of the hospital.


Why God?

I'm not mad,

I'm not asking for it,

I'm just,


Who decides,

And why?

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