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this is my very first story here and I love it so far!

By: Maddison Kenzington

Titled In The Waves

by Maddison Kenzington

I am very popular. I have a mother that works for a magazine company. You know when you walk out of Gordy’s Market there is always a lot of magazines well you look at them and I am in them.

I really am popular at least I thought I was. One night it was the biggest night of my life I was ready to go out into the crowd and look fabulous.

Have my picture taken and me be on the biggest magazine company in the world. Fabulous. When I went into the dressing room my mom was standing by me.

“Honey if you screw this up god help me you are not succeeded,

but I am I do all of the work for you and you treat me like crap so get your ass out there and do it like you want it” she hisses in my ear.

I nod my head real slowly and get a little frustrated. What does she know, huh? She is just a lousy adult who hates me and uses me to be famous.

But the thing is is I hate this thing I don’t want to be like her and just care about her job and nothing else. I don’t want this.

When I came out I heard that nobody was out there so I was balling my eyes out, my mascara dripping down my face and hitting the stage floor so quietly that you could hear it'.

All of a sudden I see a shot of light and next week on the web there it is, a video of my break down. And on the world's biggest magazine is a picture of me sobbing.

My mom got pissed at me she even hates me now. I messed up her life so big that they made a jif about it! She screamed and screamed and screamed at me until I finally screamed back.

“Mom shut up I am sick and tired of your crap If you don’t want to be my mom because I screwed it up then I will just move in with Aunt Jenna in Florida!” I screamed back.

I am waiting and waiting till the plain comes I sit on the couch just doing nothing. Then I hear the snap and voices of the biggest night of my life.

The rush comes to me and I start to cry I hide my face. Then I hear BEEP plain 102 is ready to pack in the passengers. I stand up and I walk to the plain packing system.

I walk slowly and I remember that night. The next thing I know I am in Florida next to Jenna’s house. The door opens and there is a young girl there.

“Omg you must be April” she said

“Um yeah I am do you know where Jenna is?”

“No I don’t but you can come in if you want to”

I walk into the house and it feels so much calmer than at my house. I see somebody in the kitchen. It is Aunt Jenna. And all of a sudden I see a guy a really hot guy.

He has long but short hair and he was wet and was wearing a towel around his body. I followed him into the hallway. and asked him

"hey why are you in my aunt's house"

I took a look at his face and I almost fainted he was so hot. I told him that he did not have to answer me and I walked away weirdly I don't think that he noticed about what I did ad said.


we are together now and we are happily ever after my mom is never going to see me again and my aunt has full custody of me now.!

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