Life On The Edge
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maddiLife's a master piece
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This Is fiction do not believe this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life On The Edge

One day I was walking home when I looked down I couldn't see my shadow but when I looked around I could see people's shadows and they were all over the place.

I felt alone and scared most of my life when my dad died I started to cut myself on the wrist everyday that went on without him I lost blood.

the doctor said that if I continued to do it I might die from blood loss. but I thought of that as a good thing My grandparents are dead and I live on the street all alone.

if I died then I would get to see my dad again but now I am 13 and I have moved on and I know that when I die my dad will already have found peace and I would be all alone again.

but that causes me to fight for my life longer the longer I stay alive the Longer I am not alone.

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