What You Wish For..
What You Wish For.. horror stories

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A wish meant to be nothing but innocent turns into something much more darker..

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What You Wish For..

It was another night filled with screams and shouting. "Mom and Dad's fighting again.." I whispered to myself. I was supposed to be sleeping but due to all the noise, I couldn't.

I knew I would've gotten in trouble for still being awake but sleeping while mom and dad's arguing is impossible.

I hugged my pillow as the tears broke free, followed by a stream of tears. I hate it when they fight. "All I wish for is for this to be the last time they fight.. please.." I spoke.

I wanted to just fall asleep hoping this was a dream.. Just a bad dream..


Abruptly, only silence was heard. The screaming, shouting and fighting had come to an end so suddenly..

I was curious to what had happened until the screams of my father ended the silence. The colour was quickly being drained from my face and what was left was a look of horror.

The scream wasn't your usual raising your voice or arguing scream.. It was a sudden loud sharp piercing cry for help.. It was filled with fear and pain.

It was a scream of utmost terror and agony. I was paralyzed in fear and shock. I had no idea of what happened between my parents.

Within a matter of minutes, the sound of footsteps were heard, getting louder and louder. Someone was coming into my room. I had to act fast so I pretended to be asleep.

I was absolutely mortified and my heart was pounding, my whole body was shaking and I could barely stop the tears from being released.

Slowly my door opened.. Revealing my mother. She just stood there, staring at me as if she knew I was awake. I continued to fake being asleep while my mom just watched me.

Time was moving slow and I had little information about what was happening.

All I knew was that I was scared and I just wanted to fall asleep but my mom's eyes are piercing so deep into me that it would've taken some time to fall asleep.

She decided then to walk up to me and sit on my bed, still looking at me. I had the urge to slightly open my eyes to see her but my body restricted me from doing so.

She then placed her hand on my cheek and softly caressed it with her thumb. Her hand was wet and cold.. It felt weird and sent a shiver down my spine. "Is that water?" I thought.

When she was done she got up and walked into my bathroom. She stayed inside there for a few minutes before walking out and exiting my room. Although she was gone, I didn't want to get up yet.

I was still laying down with a million questions racing through my mind..

A few minutes had passed and it remained quiet. Not a sound was heard beside my heavy breathing and my heart pounding. I decided then it was time to get up.

I wanted to go check what she did in my bathroom. The moment I placed my hand on the door knob I was hesitant to open it.

I felt like I should just go back to my bed and get some rest but I refused. Slowly, I opened the door and entered the bathroom. Nothing of the unusual was seen yet.

I went to wash my face as it was sweaty. As I walked by the sink, It had writing on the mirror...

What it read was...

"Be careful what you wish for"

My heart dropped when I saw my reflection with smudged blood on my cheek and my mom holding my dad's dead corpse behind me with multiple stab wounds and a knife in his chest and neck.

She recited the words on the mirror with a sinister smile. "Be careful what you wish for and now that your father's gone this really will be the last time we fight"

Author:- Faith P. Robinson (Me)

Date made: 09/01/2021

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