Why Do I Even?
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madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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Why Do I Even?

Why must I always write of angels and demons? Theological hallways? Death, horror and treason? Would it not make a mighty fine verse: My Oatmeal is Mushy! Raking leaves is a Curse!

There are many unsettling topics on which I have discoursed rape, lust, and murdering and those aren't the worst! Why do I write thus? Why, why indeed! These things have been discoursed beyond well my creed.

There must be a reason. Hasn't there, sir? So you find it pleasing? Well, actually, mister! It does make me happy and even what's more it makes me all sappy to write up some gore!

So, take that and shove, I'm a gladdened ol' it! I'd be happy in loveto be horror's new git!

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