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madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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What You Dream Of

Tell me what you dream of what you grasp for in you sleep what you say to store at night under individual watchful up. Speak to me your restful vigil as you flutter silent thoughts sing to me the songs they sing. metered out by clocks.

Show me down your slumber's road and tell me what you see discover me each step you take. I will follow were you lead. Spin for me a winter's tale made from spider's finest web. I'll use it then to shroud us both against reality's harshest blows.

Read to me, the worst of your mind shower me in words of turn of phrase bathe me in soliloquy let me feel your slumber's haze. Let me in to the museum of your thoughts let me hold the brittle cloud of all you ever felt I shan't drop or break it, but I shall make you proud

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