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Trust the Fairies

Wings and things and needle truth A singing sword in water, wreathed Ancient tales from long dead mouths and poured into children's ears, downed

So they can travel, on paths since buried and celebrate the princess, married They believe in elves, who'd light the awful dark and the glistening scales of dragons, stark

We tell them to put their trust in fairies that there is no such thing as cares. We ensure them that the real world can wait so it gathers strength beyond the gate.

When they the age they say, "Fairies no more" Reality bashes down the fence and beckons to explore it's traps and spikes and pitfalls and high, vast concrete walls

And they weep for waht they thought and cross their arms and tell them "You aren't a child now" They stand in rotting flowers gardens clearly lack but from all mouths loudly whisper, "I want the fairies back"

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