The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit stories

madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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The White Rabbit

Hidden in the dragon's bite lies the breath the kills. He hides within your hair and skin his whispered form to fill the air with his slow death to float through the air. Until his name you saith. The White Rabbit.

The sheltered burning end pours himself into your lungs till hung upon his string you are And his lips will be your final communion hung But you cup his will and his body you protect from all that do him harm though your demise is his behest. The White Rabbit.

Surrounded by the comfort of the naked warmth of love. He lurks, dancing above each head sucking in each word, gentle as a dove. He sticks needles into eyes and stains his body to your nose. And though his claws will find you one day for now he's soft as a rose. The White Rabbit

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