The Self Made God
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madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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The Self Made God

I will not kneel 'afore the self made god I will be standing in their presence your righteous flame lies not within but lights a candle of putrescence.

The self made god in branded glory and sells it piece by piece. But I see the price tag on your soul and your dignity's for lease I will not bow 'afore the self made god on your likeness set in gold. When upon it;s gilded hand is the blood of brothers sold.

You're a monster with crown and sceptre with rings upon your claws when your subjects kiss your feet, you kick and name them slobs. I shan't swear fealty. I refuse to scrape and bend. To the gods that I create I have no loyalty.

I bite my thumbs at gods I build and take pleasure in their end. I will not bow to the god I invented I will not kneel to you

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