The Deadly Dancing Divette
The Deadly Dancing Divette stories

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The Deadly Dancing Divette

She stands on baited breath staring at the stage. Bleeding cut palms, her only sign of rage. Her brow is soaked in sweat as her jaw clenches tight. She may be a diva now but she will not live through the night.

She climbs onto the wooden world and wait beyond it's curtained walls. The audition was surely rigged and now the world will see it all. She knows the perfect moment for the prima donna's fall. When this bird thinks she'll fly she'll miss her curtain call.

The dancing diva greets her she gives back a Brutus grin. She may have lost in try-outs but on opening night, she'll win. They tried to make a divette of a proper prima donna. They'll find out how "dainty" loyal ballerinas are.

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