The Air You Breathe
The Air You Breathe stories

madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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The Air You Breathe

Place a hand your mouth and stop the flow of air. Is your heart still beating? Are you still in there? Allow yourself some air again Do you breathe now differently? Welcome it into your lungs like a returning friend Does it have a sweetness now?

or place curses on it's blandness? Place a hand upon your mouth starving out your lungs they scream tiil sagged inside your chest heart beats faster, throb harder. Has the end begun? You can't feel your fingers while lips are turning blue Do not move the hand! Appreciate the air now? Do you?

Let this be a lesson, listen well for this last time together Desire what you have yourself not long for what belongs to another Granted you took to be your breath I'll replace upon your lips and airless death

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