Mouths of Monsters
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Mouths of Monsters

Seeking words of comfort out the mouths of montsters to bleed their false prophesies into any listening ears. Letters of truth form the heathen of lies not beleiving the facts that are glued to the eyes. They tell you they love you though you should be no more while all else becomes fiction a world of fairy tale lore.

The creature of shadow all made up of whisper cite what they give up to be your private monster. They break off bit of themselves to cram into your mind and weld into your thoughts an eternal bind. Their words are they bodies each poison to the taste though sweetened with honey so you drink them with haste.

Once they're inside you they fun may begin to rip you apart a storm under your skin. They now live within you they are a part of you now they'll peel your lips into a smile ignoring your need to frown.

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