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Me and my shadow live on an island.

Love in a Bottle

Me and my shadow

live on an island.

We have no little boat

to explore the sea.

But we were never lonely

because of the messages

written for me.

Every day a new bottle

every day a new slip

Each of them and all

sealed with a kiss.

'Till the day,

I swam the bottle out to sea

and it was there that I saw her:

her hair a seaweed green

and skin of flawless navy.

“Here to drown me like a sailor?

With your siren songs?”

“I am the one who wrote the messages,

Little Girl, with me you belong”

“Each sealed with a kiss?

Play not with my heart

is this truly your wish?”

“Little Girl, who's only skin

fret not my intention

I've loved you since the first bottle

and have all my attentions”

So this daughter of land

and child of seas

sealed with a kiss that

their true love be

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