Lady Luck and Lady Fate
Lady Luck and Lady Fate stories

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I pray at the altar of Fate as tears stream from my imaginations

Lady Luck and Lady Fate

I pray at the altar of Fate

as tears stream from my imaginations

yet the world keeps turning

on unstable foundations.

There is a pause in the air

as Lady Luck beckons me,

"Come hither, child, and at my altars

let your prayers be.

"Lady Fate and Lady Luck,

are we not one and the same?

So, come not and kneel

but let's play a game!"

"No, your Ladyship,"

spake I.

"A man may have a hand in his own destiny,

and your price is far too high"

"Pish posh! Tsk, tsk"

responded she

"The price! What is the price?

To play my game, it costs no money."

"I would rather trust my own mettle

than some game of luck and chance.

Fate is not a game souls

Fate is an intricate dance"

This angered the gambler's Goddess

and made the world spin faster.

Time moved quicker and the oceans pushed and pulled

"Am not I Queen? Am I not Master?"

My voice quavered at the quickening of time

"You may have your dominion, but not over me.

Fate must have guided you here for my test

but you are blind. Fate has even your destiny!

Luck is also guided by the many arms of Fate

Even the god that all chance-takers pray to

must also lie prostrate before Fate"

And so I left that altar, knowing myself, true

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