In Hunger's Arms
In Hunger's Arms stories

madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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In Hunger's Arms

Hunger holds it citizens in tender arms, so vast, with fingers to caress your face and rock into sleep, at last. Applause from deep within your core in Hunger's pleasing nod with sour tongue and razor grin can out the danger, blot.

Screams of protest from within can be silenced with his sigh from Hunger's soft consuming lips from his alter, high. Hunger's safe, expansive arms are shackles on a wrist for his people are upon The Rack as he grinds the crank a twist.

Disobedience is weakness and those who do, must pay. He'll take your life, your soul, your limb till he's all that you can say. So put your trust in Hunger, dear. He'll keep you safe. He'll keep you near

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