I Watched You Grow
I Watched You Grow stories

madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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I Watched You Grow

watched you grow from the corner of your room at first you never saw me but in time you knew. We became the best of friends I watched you sleeping in my bed We'd have grand adventures I'd put ideas in your head. In the morning, we were pirates who'd terrorize the seas. In the evening, we were soldiers piled high in enemies.

I watched you grow from boy to man when you brought her by she was short and thin and brown of eye, How Dare she make you happy! I must make her fly.

She sits on my bed! Breaks my toys! I will rid you of her you aren't sad, you play pretend! Because we were boys together I'll show you where she met her end. Consider this a warning Disobey me again and from that tree, you'll join her

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