I Shall Live Forever
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madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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I Shall Live Forever

Upon gossomer wings When I'm alone, my thoughts are free. I shall never taste the salted sadness, because wrapped in the arms of seulment my mind soars on fathered shadows. There is no box so strong, no prison so perfect that I cannot watch my mind alight.

The world may fear my fire, but I would burn with heat of 1000 suns and freeze at the storms of 1000 moons before I should let you extinguish it. Throwing words upon the wind to marvel at their glittering flight sprouting glittering wings upon their backs.

Eyes closed and flamming on. I watch them soar, higher than I ever could. And with my feet on the ground and my words in the sky, I shall live forever.

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