Blood on the Mirror
Blood on the Mirror stories

madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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Blood on the Mirror

Blood on the mirror that cleanses your soul for more that they feed, the more they will grow to rob you of eyes, just douse of the light to mimick the corners of the night. Drip by drip red dreamers fall upon your lips to heed the call. “To angels from arms!” screamed all in hell so boy, you there where no one tells

a lie oh heart and curse and lived that sit beyond the jaws of true. Those that cry and wail and scratch the door are swallowed in the creatures roar. Heathens in reflected worlds lurk and wait with their tongues unfurled.

They see out fictious eyes and will crash'll out your mouth of lies. They live for you, so fled themselves or else they will see you in hell

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