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madamguillotineAngry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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A Poem to You

You are who you are and that's really okay. You have hair; you wear shoes; might have smiled today. You are who you'll be and you are who you were. It doesn't matter if you're a him or a her.

You might head for glory or be stuck digging ditches. Perhaps you'll choose love over power and riches, You're probably tall or maybe you're not. You might be so skinny or have a great big old pit.

See, thing is I don't know who you are. Don't know your story or how you've come far. Just wanna say that there's someone out there who thinks you're a human and know life isn't fair.

So, so I say “Cheer up!” this poem's for you. What ever you are be a good you.

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