A Fanatical Dream
A Fanatical Dream stories

mad_pre Community member
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Something i wrote when i was a bit down.

A Fanatical Dream

Within my mind, an impulse did arise

and I approached with impunity,

Oh, how my head was seething with animosity!

I hushed, kept my movement languid,

for I was never a hooligan.

But in my mind, the baroque act had begun;

that thirst for bloody murder, oh did it satiate!

My fingers around his neck, his gasping breath,

oh the grotesque parade!

Rabid were my actions for this spiritless conquest,

How dare I let my writhing fingers rest?

An unsound melody had begun to pour,

for in my mind, I was writing a deify lore.

It was at my mind’s behest that he didn’t protest

He neither croaked, nor screamed

Alas! I had encountered a latent proclivity,

In my fever dream.

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