Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 11 part 2
Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 11 part 2 superman stories

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continued from part 1 Roxanne pushes her aching body to sit against the prison wall and leans her head back to rest against it. A few quiet seconds go by before the brunette opens her mouth and begins to softly sing.

Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 11 part 2

continued from part 1

Roxanne pushes her aching body to sit against the prison wall and leans her head back to rest against it. A few quiet seconds go by before the brunette opens her mouth and begins to softly sing.

I'm a survivor

I'm gonna make it

I will survive

Keep on surviving

After letting out the last note of, arguably Queen B's best song, she falls unconscious. Finally succumbing to her body's shock and exhaustion.

She slightly rouses out of her sleep enough to hear the doors slide open to her cell again.

Roxanne takes a peek from underneath her thick eyelashes only to see Superman standing in the now opened doorway.

Relief immediately washes over Roxanne's body like a tidal wave.

She lets out a small disbelieving laugh before exclaiming, "Ahh, great timing wonder boy! Do you mind breaking these chains for me? This is not how or where I imagined I would be wearing some."

Her teasing words while intended to sound strong and confident are betrayed by her shaking voice.

Roxanne's hands tremble as she presents her chained wrists for him to break free with his far superior strength.

Not hearing any movement that would indicate him releasing her bindings the small ball of anxiety in her chest grows.

Feeling somewhat confused she meets his ocean eyes and instinctually flinches back from what she sees. He looks angry yet feral at the same time.

Suddenly feeling very small at this moment Roxanne quickly thinks of ways out of this weird situation.

She subtly starts to back away from the superhero and in response, he begins to slowly walk towards her.

Roxanne tries to reason with Superman in a panicked tone, "Hello? Can we just go? Superman? What are you doing?"

While distracting the archaeologist, he manages to manoeuver her into a corner and her ever-present chains limit what's left of her mobility.

She is trapped and defenseless with no chance to escape. They are inches apart from each other and she truly feels afraid for the first time since her mother hurt her all those years ago.

Like a knife, his voice cuts the tense silence in the cell. "I'm saving you," his voice rasps so quietly she could barely catch his words.

Roxanne briefly wonders to herself if he is even talking to her. It's like he is reassuring himself that he really is saving her.

After he whispers that he quickly pins her shoulders to the cold metal wall.

They are so close to each other she can feel the puffs of air coming from his nose as they gently move her loose hairs.

But, Roxanne's eyes are too slow to catch his next movement. Because out of nowhere, he bites down firmly on the side of her neck.

Her body begins to fight against the pain before the brain did and her arms scratch at anything they could reach. Realizing after a second what's happening she screams in surprise and pain.

Not taking this silently she yells, "What the hell! How is this saving me?!" He ignores her question but meets her tear brimmed eyes with his achingly familiar blue.

The superhero gazes at the ruby blood dripping down her skin and buries his face into the unharmed side of her neck.

Roxanne feels more confused than she ever has in her entire life and even weirder, she has a sudden and strong need to comfort the man who just hurt her.

Warm water drips down on the side of her neck and Roxanne realizes that he is crying. That realization shocks her still as a statue.

He removes his head from her now tear-stained shoulder and aggressively kisses her. She lets out a small shriek of protest and moves her head to try and release her lips from his.

While struggling to escape his lips and grip, she doesn't notice her marks glowing a radiant gold.

Clark dreads finishing the last part of the ritual and more tears fall from the pain he was about to put her through. The same pain her mother ruthlessly made her endure as a child.

Clark silently wishes to himself that Roxanne will pass out before he finishes so that she won't have to feel all of it.

The only thing Clark is certain of after he goes through with this is that she will never be able to look at him the same again.

With that frightening thought plaguing his mind, he desperately kisses her one last time and prepares himself to finish the initial bonding ritual.

He pulls away from her and softly brushes his hand across her cheek and through her hair. Clark lightly scrapes his nails across her scalp and her eyes are coaxed shut.

That brief moment of pleasure is gone when Roxanne feels a hot flame burning into her chest. She screams bloody murder like she never has done before, her throat goes raw from the strain.

Without a doubt, she wants to die right now. All the young doctor wants is for her pain to end.

She manages to blearily open her eyes to see a blurry Superman targeting his laser vision on her chest. Roxanne begs him, "please". Clark steels his resolve and ignores her pleas.

He is determined to finish the ritual which will save her from Zod's heinous plans.

Bonding himself to her is the only way to save her. He just hopes in time and after she heals, that she'll see it that way eventually.

Clark finally finishes with engraving his family seal on her chest and the ritual is completed. The marks on her body glow gold again and his seal and bite mark glow gold in response.

They are bonded forever.

Clark immediately begins to feel Roxanne's tumultuous emotions. What he could make out of it is anger, betrayal, and most of all hate.

He tries to produce some calming emotions towards her through their link but is met with an unyielding wall. 'Even now she still resists' the superhero thinks to himself slightly impressed.

But he reassures himself that their bond is complete and that he is connected to her.

Her head is slumped against his bicep but he gently grabs her chin with his fingers to see her face and assess her pain level.

He is met with the sight of tears sliding down her face and the salt stinging the open wound on her neck.

Roxanne raises her tired jade eyes to look at him with such hatred and pain that a chill races down his spine.

Through her pain, she manages to open her mouth, "Some hero you turned out to be..." she hatefully whispers.

After saying those biting words, she faints into his waiting arms.

Once she fell unconscious, he takes action and breaks the chains from her wrists and ankles, wincing at the new bruising pattern encircling her limbs.

Next, Clark tenderly wipes the tear tracks off from her face and moves her brown hair away from her shoulder. He gazes at the marks that now tie him forever to this woman.

Strangely, he only regrets the pain he caused. He lifts his mate bridal style into his arms being mindful of her neck and chest injuries.

His red cape trails behind him as flies them out of the ship and towards Earth, their home. And, for some reason, he doesn't regret their bonding.

Clark knows he saved her from being Zod's puppet, but at what cost.

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