We All Love the Feeling of Fear
We All Love the Feeling of Fear adrenaline stories
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macryano 17 | perpetually confused | doodler
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Epinephrine is an addicting hormone. Don't get too carried away!

We All Love the Feeling of Fear

You were not a brave kid.

The littlest things caused you to shiver: you slept with a bright night light, you wouldn't dare touch a plastic skeleton, and Halloween was the worst night of the year.

Somewhere along the line, that must have changed.

You began to love feeling scared. You became an avid fan of anything labeled horror. "Scary" podcasts at night were your favorite. Slender became your favorite game to play alone in the dark.

Jump-scares became funny, though not entirely appreciated.

You'd stare for hours at grotesque images and learning how to draw them. You laughed as others cringed in shock and terror (which wasn't very considerate, but you couldn't help it).

After your heart stopped racing, you always begged for more.

You loved the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your blood, where it belonged. By no means are you braver than you were not before,

You were just addicted.

With epinephrine flowing and a stomach full of butterflies, you nervously smiled up at the barrel while its operator returned the favor with a little more glee.

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