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You find a pencil lying next to a trash bin. What do you do?


You're late.

Oh my goodness, you're extremely late.

As you gather up your belongings, you notice something.

Upon closer examination, you find that it's a chewed up pencil with Lisa Frank designs on it. You used a a pencil like this one once, when you were a young child.

It's lying next to a trash bin.

"That's no place for a pencil," you think to yourself. Did you miss it while you were cleaning?

You pick up the pencil and shove it into your bag.

You're still horrendously late. Why did you stall over a stupid pencil? You scold yourself for your lack of discipline.

You're on the bus now.

Thankfully, they come every ten minutes. Your ride is about twenty minutes long.

You pull the children's pencil out of your bag.

There's still lead left in it. Frantically, you rifle through your bag for a piece of paper. You find a piece of scratch paper that you had drafted your thesis on. You should've tossed the sheet.

So then, you start to draw.

All of your childhood aspirations suddenly come back to you. You draw yourself as an astronaut, a teacher, an architect, a scientist, a doctor, a...a...

a princess?

Give up already. There's no way that can happen.

You're not special. You don't have any outstanding qualities. You're not royal.

But you are. You remember that you can do anything.

You stop drawing and look at the pencil in your hand, worn down by your scribbling. The bus stops, and you place the pencil on your seat before leaving. You stick a post-it note on the pencil.

It reads:

"To the person that sits here next: remember that the possibilities are endless, that you can do anything, you can be whoever you want to be. Just keep going....

"You are UNLIMITED."

And then you step off the bus with a confident look on your face. You will conquer the world, you're sure of it.

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