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observations about things in the world around us



Some things just can't be eliminated no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, like the dust left over on the chalkboard after a lesson is erased, without a flamethrower.


The fruit is on the branches for a reason: you have to climb and reach in order to earn it. Also, fruit growing from the trunk just looks awkward. Who'd pick a trunk apple, anyway?


Some things aren't meant to last. We're to cherish them while they last and then be left with nothing but the joyful memory of it. But if they did last, I'd build a village and make a profit.


They're adorable AF. I wanna be one. They also get away with a lot. Bunny pees in your room, but you still love the little guy. He chews your wires but looks so fluffing innocent in the process.


They're called toddlers for a reason. They're just learning to walk; they wobble a lot. They fall, but they always get back up again. You can't be born an expert at everything (except screaming).


They just want to be your friend. It's a simple thing that we take for granted but means the world to them. We simply use them for their skills and their cute faces. Damn, dogs are cute.


Humans are compostable. Why aren't we buried in 100% biodegradable materials? We'd already be dead, you're not doing any harm. Besides, I'd really like some pretty flowers to grow out of me.


The stress hormone: its levels rise when you are stressed. Stress can happen when you think too much and worry over trivial things, and that is why this post ends here.

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