Daisy Chains

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Found poetry from chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby

Daisy Chains

Half an hour before the bridal dinner,

I found her lying on her bed lovely as the June night in her flowered dress.

A bottle of Sauterne clutched in one hand

and a letter in the other,

She slurred, “Never had a drink before,

but oh how I do enjoy it.”

I was scared.

I tell you; I'd never seen a girl like that before.

She began to cry.

She cried and cried.

She wouldn't let go of the letter;

rather, she squeezed it up into a wet ball only to leave it in the soap-dish while it came to pieces like snow.

She didn't say another word

but reached inside the waste-basket and pulled out a chain of pearls.

Daisy's changed her mind.

Tell 'em Daisy's changed her mind

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